Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 2011

 I Don’t Have a Category For This

There are not words to describe the last eight days.  Places in my heart were opened up that I didn’t know existed.  Love grew in places where I have never had feelings.  Like a tree that springs forth out of the crags and rocks on a mountainside, hope has exploded in a desolate and barren place.  I will write a little each day to try and give you a picture, but no picture will be sufficient to explain the work that God is doing through the lives of the people in the Dominican Republic. 
We prayed for the blind to see, we literally spit in people’s eyes and smeared mud on their faces and called down miracles.   We treated a four month old baby’s hand for severe burns, got antibiotics to a little girl who had gotten knocked over by a motor cycle, we held hands with children who followed us through the streets, wanting a taste of the Hope that we brought.  We danced and laughed and washed women’s feet.  We touched the “untouchables” with growths and tumors.  We held babies who don’t have diapers because they cost too much. 
We taught women to use sewing machines.  We gave them lessons on how to make projects, beaded necklaces, headbands, things to sell…and gave them envelopes to save their money to buy more. We washed their feet, massaged lotion into their weary muscles.  We danced and laughed and praised God together.  They will forever be in our hearts.  I sobbed as I got on the plane yesterday and took my last glance back at the people we were leaving behind.  I didn’t want to leave them.  I have to back to see them.  I will go back.  They are forever a part of my heart.
God is REAL….and He is big.  And he speaks and he moves and he cares deeply about the details of our lives.  Thank you for checking in.  Back in a country with consistent electricity, I will share stories.  Be in touch.


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